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Our organization was established in 2013 in Dublin 15, to address the gap between service providers and service users from the Migrant and Asylum Seeker Communities. In 2014, we ran a series of facilitated workshops inviting women from a diverse range of Migrant Communities to participate and have their voices heard. Through these workshops we identified that the core barrier to the integration between one community and another is the lack of cultural understanding about each other’s ethnic background and cultural differences. These cultural misunderstandings can impact on women’s sense of belonging and self-esteem which creates a barrier to integration, participation, and the growth of both communities that have so much to offer each other. Women have a unique ability to bridge this social divide, supporting and encouraging both their families and friends to find innovative ways to adapt to, learn about and become valued members of their new communities. Our focus is to continue to build upon the work that we have started, to inspire women to reach their potential.

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  • U-Fest International

    u fest international

    I-Smile is a proud sponsor for U-Fest International.

    U-Fest International is a community festival held all around Ireland which celebrates diversity and unity among different cultures.  Click image below to learn more:

    u fest international

    u fest international
    U-Fest International
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