October 18, 2017

About i-Smile

i-Smile International Board of Directors

Yvonne Foran

Yvonne Foran Chairperson I Smile International

Sandra Ajuonoma

Sandra Ajuonoma I Smile International

Adaku Ezeudo

Adaku Ezeudo I Smile International


Our Advisory Members

Shamiso Chigorimbo

Carol Ballantine

Nelta Chadamoyo

I-Smile Governance

1. Our organization is now embarking ‘on the journey’ towards implementing and complying with the Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary and Charitable sector in Ireland. We have registered our organization with the register of compliance and are working towards achieving all the objectives set out by the Governance Code. We are committed to ensuring that our organization puts in place policies and procedures that will enable us to meet our responsibilities towards our Board, employees, volunteers and members of the community who engage with the programmes and services that we have developed to date. Our organization continues to work on initiatives designed to meet the needs and issues highlighted by women in the community who wish to be inspired and work towards achieving their potential.

2. We work together as a team to agree upon our vision, making sure that the purpose of our vision remains relevant and adheres to the principles and values of our organization.

3. We have put measures in place to ensure that we comply with all the relevant legal and regulatory requirements of a charitable organization. We have a yearly audit of our accounts and have strict management controls in place with regards to all financial transaction.

4. We work toward ensuring that our organization is transparent and accountable. We do this by engaging with those who have a legitimate interest in the work of our organisation and making sure there is regular and effective communication with them about our organisation.

5. Working effectively, we do this by making sure that our board members understand their role, legal duties and delegated responsibility for decision-making. We hold board meetings once a month, these meetings are efficient, focus driven and effective.

6. Our organization holds integrity in the highest order, and work continuously towards adopting a policy of honesty, fairness and independence among our members.



Registered Charity: 20101435