Why is i-Smile a worthwhile cause?

What We do
Inspire women to develop self-confidence and recognise their own unique skills through participating in drama performances.

Organise interactive workshops to provide a forum for open discussions on topics of interest and concern to women.

Provide opportunities for collaboration, networking and intercultural dialogue with other organisations and community groups.

Encourage women to explore and think about the potential of starting up their own businesses.


Our Belief
We believe that every woman has the potential to create their own bright future when offered a supportive environment
Our Vision
Our vision is of a local community where every migrant woman has access to equal opportunities and can achieve her potential while enjoying a fulfilling life.


Our Mission
Our mission is to inspire migrant women to develop their confidence and recognise the valuable contributions they make within their families and communities through providing the women with a strong voice and opportunities for personal development, training and leisure pursuits.


Our Value
Respect and Dignity: We respect the uniqueness of each individual, their beliefs and cultural diversity

Integrity: We are dedicated to honouring our word, without compromising the truth

Confidentiality: We are committed to maintaining our client’s confidentiality

Compassion: The essence of i-Smile comes from a place of compassion, being genuinely concerned for others